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Developing processes and capability with Autodesk infrastructure technology at Gattica Associates

Client: Gattica Associates Ltd

Location: UK

VinZero Partner: Cadline

Industry: Infrastructure

Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk AEC Collections, Autodesk Civil 3D


The utilities team had an established working knowledge of Civil3D, Navisworks and other Autodesk products having attended multiple levels of training courses however when applying these technologies to their projects it was acknowledged that delivering the output should be more efficient. Principal CAD Technician, Mihaela Gafita, and BIM Coordinator, Rocío Martín Durán, reached out to Cadline to understand how to make the application of the Autodesk technologies more effective and how to meet their project specific requirements more efficiently.

By taking a consultative approach to exploring the current working practices David Lewis, the Cadline Customer Success Manager (CSM), reviewed their processes and prepared a plan that allowed the team to undertake a series of activities that would deliver targeted improvements and support additional service offerings. He provided guidance that supported the implementation of more effective workflows based on Gattica’s existing licences.


A baseline assessment was required to benchmark their current capabilities so workflows could be optimised to become more focused and effective. The team required targeted, optimised workflows for both individual and multiple products to support the production of more efficient outputs. A key consideration was being able to identify when each of the optimised workflows should be implemented on a project based on the varying information and datasets in use.

The overall goal was to improve project efficiency to deliver increased value to customers through the implementation of the optimised workflows at each stage in a project. As a consequence it accelerated the required staff development, supporting Gattica Associates’ aim to diversify its services offerings.


A programme was developed to review and consolidate the team’s knowledge, to identify the strengths and areas for improvement, enabling the Cadline team to provide targeted training underpinned by post training support. A significant aspect of this programme was the inclusion of a series of custom training courses and “at elbow training” supported by a series of webinars.

David, the CSM responsible for the successful delivery of the programme, worked closely with our delivery specialists to ensure that the programme remained agile and adaptable as project requirements developed.


A significant improvement in efficiency, through empowering users to implement optimised workflows at the right time, has had a significant impact on the overall productivity of the team. The ongoing conversations with Gattica Associates allow us to share industry knowledge and experience with the team. This helps us identify more areas for improvement when using Autodesk Civil3D and Infraworks on utilities projects from both a survey and design perspective. As the optimised workflows continue to be adopted and implemented, the next phase will be to review collaboration between site and office. In addition, the information delivered at handover will be reviewed to understand how this can be enhanced to further improve Gattica Associates’ working relationship with their clients.


Our customer success approach to understanding each customers’ challenges and monitoring the outcome of the activities we deliver, coupled with our expert training and delivery approach, allows us to further develop plans together that produce continuous improvement at Gattica Associates.

Mihaela Gafita, Principal CAD Technician, endorsed this approach, saying;

“We have been working very closely with Cadline for the past years using a variety of services from solid training to excellent consultation.

With Cadline’s help we have improved our internal workflows and we now offer our clients better quality products and services. Gattica is definitely looking forward to maintaining the relationship.”

The additional support provided by our delivery team was a significant driver in the successful adoption of new technologies and has further strengthened the relationship between Cadline and Gattica Associates.