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Edfice's BIM Success Story

Client: Edifice Consultants

Location: Mumbai, India

VinZero Partner: Capricot

Industry: AEC

Project Delivery Date: 2020

Autodesk Solutions: Consulting Services, Autodesk Revit 2017, Autodesk Revit 2019


With 25 years experience and over 1200 projects under their belt, Edifice is one of India's largest firms. Edifice has always embraced digital updates and upgrading technology, to cope with the evolving digital era. The Capricot team were nominated to help the company transition to BIM.

Designers were involved since BIM assisted them to take BIM benefits throughout project life cycle in developing the precision of the design data, created during planning and construction stages. Revit enabled the capture and analysis of design concepts, maintaining coordinated design data through documentation as well as construction.


One of the biggest challenges was to switch the employee’s mind from 2D AutoCAD to 3D visualisation and its processes. Since the 2D working process was so ingrained in their minds, adapting the BIM process proved difficult, as its workflow follows protocol & documentation that is referred internationally.

The tools are easy to understand but using them in the right place was the learning curve they needed to go through. Content creation in Revit was another aspect employee's required training in.


In order for the company to adjust to and begin to reap the results of using Revit, a variety of training and implementation steps were followed. Employees underwent introductory training that covered the basic Revit tools before moving onto to advanced training which taught them how to use all of the more advanced tools and tricks. Once they began use Revit in their everyday projects, more training was conducted to allow them to evaluate and resolve the issues they faced while using the software to work on real projects. Project's from the company's different departments were then transferred to Revit from AutoCAD and Capricot arranged a custom Revit content library to suit the organisation's needs. They also created Revit templates for Revit 2017 and Revit 2019. The final step of the adoption process involved producing 'Proof of Concepts', created by collecting the required vertical specific data and converting it into Revit so that it can be used as base data.


With successful training & implementation, the result was scalable and above average. Overall, over 60 Edifice employees were trained & oriented for BIM protocols and the organisation now regularly takes on BIM projects with confidence. The entire adoption has streamlined the workflow and the team is working cohesively on the same platform.