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Streamlining data and product life cycle management

Client: Anonymous

Location: UK

VinZero Partner: Cadline

Industry: Manufacturing & Data Management

Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk Vault Professional, Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle


For most bespoke solutions providers working in the offshore energy sector, it is important to put in place end-to-end processes and workflows that cover data management and design and engineering and deliver operational efficiency and business agility. For one such provider, these were the key drivers behind a decision to migrate their whole approach in this area to one based on Autodesk software solutions and supported by Autodesk reseller, Cadline.

The provider had previously relied on a single legacy data management system, based on aging technology with little provision for wider process management. It decided to migrate to a fully integrated data management and process lifecycle management (PLM) system robust and resilient enough to manage its working processes but agile enough to support rapid changes in response to shifting business requirements. It went out to market and ran a thorough review of available software solutions. Having examined these solutions, the bespoke solutions provider decided to opt for the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, including a combination of Autodesk Vault Professional product data management (PDM) software and Autodesk’s Fusion Lifecycle cloud-based lifecycle management software solution.


The bespoke provider has bought multiple licences of both Autodesk Vault and Fusion Lifecycle. It has also rolled out and implemented the software solutions and accessed the professional services offered by Cadline in support.

The provider is now pushing the boundaries of what it is possible to achieve with the two software solutions operating in tandem. Organisations frequently use Vault to manage work in progress and engineering data and then push the bill of materials ‘down the line’ into the Fusion Lifecycle tool. The provider does all this but also goes further by generating drawing registers and developing and managing project standards.

Paul Watson, Head of Digital Manufacturing, Cadline, said: “They are looking to manage all their design and engineering work and all related processes inside Vault. And they have also built task management for every single engineer into the system as well.”

Cadline is increasingly going beyond day-to-day support to deliver special projects designed to improve the system further, including providing improvements to certain areas of the system.


The bespoke solutions provider is now on a unified Autodesk platform managed and maintained by Cadline. The focus is not on introducing radical change but instead on refining the approach and adapting the system to deliver efficiency gains. The provider is now calling Cadline to deliver specific projects designed to further enhance the solution in certain key areas.

As of today, the key benefit that the Autodesk product portfolio delivers to the provider on this project is how the seamless integration of all the key solutions helps drive operational efficiency. According to the provider’s spokesperson: “For us, the main benefit of using Inventor, Vault and Lifecycle together is the smooth workflow it supports. When you are designing in Inventor, all the metadata effectively flows into Vault and can then flow on into Fusion.”

“It is easy to design, store work and then check and approve it. We can visualise work, ensure data quality and ensure rigorous engineering process is embedded into the design tasks and the entire product lifecycle.“