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Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Collection

Future-proof your projects and elevate your capabilities with the AEC Collection, a comprehensive suite of CAD and BIM tools for building design, civil infrastructure, and construction. Equip yourself to tackle any project challenge, from design to construction, with seamlessly integrated software that ensures flawless execution at every step.

  • A complete set of BIM software for construction, architecture, engineering and infrastructure in one total solution, including Revit and AutoCAD

  • Seamless exchange between software and construction partners

  • Enables you to adopt BIM processes at your own pace

  • Reduces cost and schedule risks

The AEC Collection suite from Autodesk empowers you to embrace BIM, streamline your workflow, and avoid costly errors during project execution. Here's how it can benefit you

  • Effortlessly capture construction intent in stunning 3D with Revit BIM software

  • Review integrated 3D models during pre construction to gain better control of project outcomes with Navisworks

  • Transition seamlessly from 2D to BIM workflows using AutoCAD

  • Connect your data across all construction phases by combining the AEC Collection with Autodesk Construction Cloud products

Explore an arsenal of powerful Tools
The AEC Collection offers a range of leading-edge design products, along with additional tools for analysis, simulation, visualization, reality capture, detailing, and automation.

Commonly used applications in the AEC Collection:

AutoCAD + Specialized Toolsets:
The most widely-used drawing application for 2D and 3D CAD drawings, now with specialized toolsets and useful apps

Revit (incl. Architecture, Structure, and MEP):
A powerful BIM application for construction that creates intelligent, virtual 3D designs, used throughout all phases of your project

Civil 3D:
The go-to application for civil engineering and infrastructure, ideal for designing and detailing complex projects

Connect 2D and 3D models from different disciplines, providing an overview that simplifies project management, reduces costs, and improves communication

Navisworks Manage:
Share and enhance your 3D design models by merging, revising, and sharing various formats, providing essential information for project design and implementation

Other included software in the AEC Collection:
Discover a range of powerful software tools that enhance project outcomes and streamline your workflow, including Autodesk Forma, Docs, Insight, 3ds Max, Recap Pro, Advance Steel, Robot Structural Analysis Professional, Fabrication CADmep, and Autodesk Rendering.

With the Autodesk AEC Collection you can elevate your skills, tackle any project challenge, and unleash the full potential of CAD and BIM tools to future-proof project success.

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