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IT Networking Services

Elevate your network, empower your enterprise

Tailored to build, maintain, and secure your network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and safeguarded data, we transform your network into a dynamic force, ready to support your business ambitions and scale with your growth.

Our services extend beyond installation to include detailed training, maintenance, and support, guaranteeing trouble-free operations for your network infrastructure.

Don't let network complexities hinder your business potential.

Step into a seamlessly connected world. Enhance your network today

End-to-End IT Networking Services

Network Infrastructure & Networking Services

We specialize in delivering network infrastructure solutions that provide reliable connectivity, high performance, and seamless integration into existing networks.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Network & Communication Services: Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless Systems, and more.

  • Networking Services: LAN, WAN, wireless services, high-speed backbone designs, and complete infrastructure consulting.

  • Servers Management & Support: Ensuring better uptime, utilization rate, and performance for your enterprise.

Audio Visuals & Video Conferencing

We provide innovative Audio-Visual and Video Conferencing (AV & VC) solutions for businesses, enhancing communication and collaboration. We offer custom AV system design, equipment supply, seamless integration, and end-to-end video conferencing setup. Serving diverse industries, we are committed to delivering quality and value through tailored solutions, expert support, and competitive pricing. ARKANCE is your trusted AV & VC Solutions partner in advanced communication technology.

IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services

Our IT infrastructure solutions are crafted to ensure the reliability, scalability, and security of your organization's technology. We enable businesses to leverage technology effectively, supporting innovation and streamlining operations. Services include IT Infrastructure Consulting, Managed IT Services, and IT Security System among others.

IT Security System

In partnership with top brands in cybersecurity, we offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including firewall protection, endpoint security, email security, and data loss prevention, ensuring your organization's infrastructure is safeguarded against evolving threats.

IT Infrastructure Outsource

Our outsourcing services are designed to provide strategic IT consulting and project management tailored to your needs.

IT Annual Maintenance Contract

Our annual maintenance contracts provide comprehensive services to ensure the smooth functionality and extended lifespan of your essential equipment, including server, workstation, printer, and plotter maintenance.

IT Consultancy

We specialize in high-end technology implementation, upgrades, and enhancements to integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure.

IT Facility Management Services

From multinational corporations to small and medium enterprises, we offer tailored IT Facility Management Services that ensure high-quality support through a manpower-based model, managing and maintaining your entire IT infrastructure efficiently.

Home Automation Services

Experience the convenience of smart home automation with our solutions that empower you to control every aspect of your living space effortlessly, from smart controllers and touch panels to security sensors and video doorbells.

Why Choose Us?

  • End-to-End Solutions: From conception to deployment, training, and support, we offer comprehensive services to meet all your IT needs.

  • Expert Execution: Our team of experts ensures every solution is implemented with precision, fully customized to meet your unique requirements.

  • Cost Optimization: Achieve better control over your IT expenses with solutions that promise a favourable cost-performance ratio.

Our expert team ensures trouble-free operations with our solutions that come with training, maintenance, and support options.

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