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Join millions of designers worldwide who rely on Autodesk AutoCAD LT for their daily CAD work. AutoCAD LT helps you create 2D drawings and documentation with ease. It's the go-to software for architects, builders, designers, and engineers who need reliable computer-aided design capabilities.

  • Powerful functionality for 2D design drawings and documentation

  • Advance DWG format for seamless integration

  • Compatible with almost all CAD software programs, making it easy to collaborate

  • User-friendly interface, so you can get started quickly and easily

  • Especially attractive for start-ups looking for a cost-effective solution

With AutoCAD LT, you can easily create, edit, and open 2D CAD drawings. Its handy 2D tools will speed up your workflow, making your work process a breeze.

Ideal for designers and draftsmen, AutoCAD LT is a cost-effective solution for producing accurate technical drawings. Whether you're in construction, infrastructure, or manufacturing, this software is applicable to any field.

What can you do with AutoCAD LT? The possibilities are endless:

  • Document your ideas and designs with precision using 2D drawing and detailing tools

  • Collaborate effortlessly by saving files as DWG files, making it simple to share with colleagues, project members, and clients

  • Optimize your work with the user-friendly interface of AutoCAD LT

  • Create standard shapes like lines, arcs, and circles using drawing tools

  • Edit existing geometry and create new commands to streamline your workflow

  • Enjoy secure and fast file storage and sharing with Autodesk's DWG technology

  • Publish and plot your designs, whether it's a multi-sheet DFW, DWFx, PDF file, or a paper character set

  • Access the AutoCAD web app to edit and showcase your drawings anytime, anywhere

Experience the power of AutoCAD LT and take your 2D CAD designs to the next level.

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