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Autodesk Flame – Ultimate VFX and Finishing Solution

Ignite every story with Autodesk Flame®, the cutting-edge finishing and visual effects software designed for speed, precision, and versatility. Whether you're delivering high-stake commercials, riveting TV episodes, or blockbuster films, Autodesk Flame empowers you to construct breathtaking visual narratives, leaving your audience in awe.

Ignite Every Story from Start to Finish with Autodesk Flame:

  • Cutting-edge AI for precise effects and faster creativity.

  • Merge 3D depth with 2D speed for comprehensive control.

  • Advanced tools for pristine visual quality and efficiency.

  • Edit, composite, and color correct seamlessly in one environment.

  • Advanced Camera Tracking and Machine Learning Segmentation.

  • HDR and Dolby Vision Support.

Unleash Creativity, Accelerate Delivery, Enhance Collaboration

Experience the full spectrum of visual storytelling with Autodesk Flame, the powerhouse finishing and visual effects software. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Flame is engineered to meet the intense demands of commercials, television episodes, and full-length films. Experience AI-powered, pixel-perfect visual effects and colour grading within an intuitive, streamlined environment that fuels creative freedom and expedites production timelines.

Key Features of Flame

  • Advanced VFX Software: Flame is your gateway to creating awe-inspiring visual effects. It brings together an extensive set of 2D and 3D tools, enabling artists to realize even the most challenging creative visions.

  • Rapid Content Delivery: Flame's industry-leading, integrated toolset allows for swift finishing workflows, ensuring projects are delivered faster without compromising on quality.

  • Efficient Collaboration: With cloud and on-premises solutions, Flame empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring flexibility and continuity across projects.

Innovations in Flame

  • 3D Compositing Toolset: Harness the dynamic combination of 2D compositing speed and robust 3D visual effects with Flame's Action capabilities.

  • Machine Learning Image Segmentation: Cutting-edge AI-powered keyers make isolating skies, bodies, and other objects effortless for precise grading and VFX applications.

  • Professional Timeline Editing: Tailor your video and audio files with powerful timeline editing tools for a pristine final product.

  • Next-Generation Camera Tracking: Easily embed CG elements into live-action footage using advanced camera tracking features.

  • MasterGrade Creative Colour Tool: Tackle the most demanding colour tasks in HDR-ready, floating-point environments supported by professional control panels.

  • Integrated Finishing Core: Step into an interconnected space where colour grading meets detailed finishing, optimizing the creative process.

  • The Explorer Grade Bin: Manage references and Timeline FX setups with ease using the dedicated gradient bin and reference comparison area.

  • NDI Video Preview Streaming: Enhance client sessions with network audio and video streaming capabilities for real-time feedback.

  • Dolby Vision HDR Content Tools: Elevate your content with Dolby Vision technology, creating an impactful HDR viewer experience.

Ignite Your Creative Vision with Autodesk Flame

Flame isn't just about meeting expectations; it's about surpassing them—effortlessly combining speed, precision, and creative power. Whether it's a colossal CG creation or intricate digital beauty work, Flame offers a realm of possibilities to refine every frame.

Elevate your visual narrative with Autodesk Flame – where unmatched efficiency, innovation, and aesthetics converge in one revolutionary software package.

Unleash the full potential of your creative vision with Autodesk Flame – your go-to tool for finishing and visual effects that amplify every story. Request a quote.

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