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Autodesk MotionBuilder – Revitalize Your 3D Character Animation

Autodesk MotionBuilder is a comprehensive motion capture and animation software that enables artists and animators to create stunning, lifelike animations for games, films, and virtual reality experiences. With its powerful toolset, real-time animation capabilities, and seamless integration with other Autodesk products, MotionBuilder streamlines the animation pipeline and enhances productivity.

Capture complex animations with Autodesk MotionBuilder:

  • Capture, edit, and play back complex animations.

  • Work faster and more efficiently in an interactive environment.

  • Seamlessly exchange data between 3D content creation tools like Maya and 3ds Max.

Unleash Your Creativity with Lifelike Animated Characters

Autodesk MotionBuilder is the premier 3D character animation software designed to give life to your most imaginative characters and creatures. Whether you're developing next-gen video games, stunning films, or immersive virtual reality experiences, MotionBuilder provides a powerful platform to animate with precision and artistry.

Key Features of Autodesk MotionBuilder:

  • Dynamic 3D Character Animation: Create complex and captivating animations that breathe life into your characters, giving them emotions and motions that captivate audiences.

  • Efficient Workflow Integration: Work seamlessly with leading 3D content creation tools such as Maya and 3ds Max, ensuring a smooth transfer of data and a streamlined production process.

  • Interactive Real-Time Environment: Develop animations in a real-time interactive setting, enabling faster production times and iterative adjustments without compromising on quality.

  • Comprehensive Editing Toolkit: Fine-tune your characters' movements with production-proven tools that allow for detailed manipulation of motion capture data.

  • Realistic Movement Generation: Rely on the real-time 3D character engine to automatically generate believable movements for both bipedal characters and more complex skeletal structures.

  • Flexible Manipulation Tools: Adjust and refine animations swiftly with advanced rigging options that enable you to alter positioning and orientation for precise character interaction.

Why Choose Autodesk MotionBuilder?

  • High-Quality Output: Effortlessly produce high-caliber character animations using MotionBuilder's array of ready-made moves and comprehensive toolset.

  • Customizable Interface: Work in an environment that's tailored to your needs, enhancing both efficiency and creative freedom.

  • Rapid Movement Editing: Accelerate the animation editing process with intuitive controls, allowing for quick changes and real-time playbacks.

  • Versatility and Control: Whether it's a heartwarming persona or a monster of myth, MotionBuilder gives you the control to animate a wide array of characters with exceptional detail and realism.

Bring your storytelling to new heights with Autodesk MotionBuilder, where every move is a brushstroke and every character a masterpiece waiting to be animated.

Experience the next-level animation with precision and artistic expression with MotionBuilder at your fingertips. Request a quote.

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