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Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection – Ultimate Tools for Film, TV & Games Production

Unleash your creative potential and breathe life into your most ambitious visions with the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection. Crafted for artists and developers in the film, TV, and game industries, this robust suite of software empowers you to create arresting characters, awe-inspiring scenes, and visceral gaming experiences.

Turn your imaginative concepts into compelling reality:

  • Optimize productivity with task-specific tools.

  • Utilize Bifrost for realistic effects and simulations.

  • Enhance storytelling with Arnold renderer.

  • Improve character animation with motion systems.

  • Create designs effortlessly with modeling tools.

  • Refine animations with advanced editing features.

Unleash the pinnacle of creativity and bring dream projects in film, TV, and games to life with the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection. This comprehensive collection delivers an array of tools set to transform your ideas into stunning visual art while maintaining a powerful, scalable workflow for animation, visual effects, and game development.

Exclusive Offerings in the Collection

  • Wide Selection of Tools: Flexibility to use the best tool for any task, crafting game assets precisely with industry-leading software solutions.

  • Bifrost Power: Unmatched capability to create complex simulations and effects, with the power of running Bifrost on up to 15 machines, expanding your creative horizons.

  • Captivating Cinematics: Elevate rendering potential for beautiful cinematics with access to five Arnold licenses included in your collection.

Why Choose Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection?

For Animation Studios:

  • Character Rigging and Setup: Fabricate intricate motion systems and deformations for characters to ensure lifelike animations.

  • Mesh and Surface Modelling: Utilize advanced tools for creating both parametric and organic 3D objects.

  • Nonlinear Story Tool: Easily combine and switch between animation takes for a seamless story flow.

  • Arnold Renderer Integration: Obtain instant feedback on scene changes with Arnold Render View, enhancing lighting, materials, and camera visualization.

For Visual Effects Studios:

  • Dynamic Simulation and Effects: Create natural-looking fire, snow, and particle effects that captivate.

  • Expansive World Building: Utilize powerful scattering tools for large-scale complexity in environments.

  • Efficient Data Handling with USD: Manage and modify large data sets with speed and use native tools for direct interaction.

For Game Development:

  • Advanced Retopology Tools: Transform complex high-resolution assets into clean, quad-based topologies without loss of detail.

  • Robust Modifier Stack Workflow: Conceptualize and enhance designs with a stack of industry-leading modifiers.

  • Bifrost Visual Programming: Devise detailed, physically accurate simulations with a singular procedural programming environment.

  • Real-Time Animation with Unreal Live Link: Integrate animation data between Maya and Unreal swiftly with the Unreal Live Link plug-in for Maya.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality Assurance: Render your most complex projects utilizing five Arnold licenses for premium-quality animations.

  • Scalable Capacity: Create extensive visual effects with the capacity to run Bifrost across a network of 15 machines.

  • Seamless Pipeline Integration: Ensure your production pipeline's stability with intuitive DCC tools that streamline operations and minimize resource loss.

Propel your media production into a new realm of possibility with the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection, where functionality meets creativity for an outstanding outcome.

Bring dreams to life and stories to screen with Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection — the toolbox that’s as limitless as your imagination. Request a quote.

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