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Navisworks Manage

Streamline your BIM models, detect errors, and foster collaboration for successful projects. With Autodesk NavisWorks Manage, you can seamlessly merge BIM models for coordinators, managers, modelers, and work planners, ensuring a smooth process from the early stages. Say goodbye to costly failures and wasted time.

- Detect and fix errors early, saving time and costs

- Reduce risks and improve quality

- Collaborate seamlessly with other project parties

- Avoid data loss and anticipate clashes before construction begins

- Manage and control projects effectively

Navisworks Manage: revolutionizing early error detection in construction

In today's fast-paced construction industry, seamless integration between diverse software packages is not just preferred; it's imperative. The era of tolerating high failure costs and time wastage is over. This is where Navisworks Manage steps in, offering a robust solution that aligns perfectly with the industry's evolving demands.

The mission of Navisworks Manage is clear: to empower project teams by providing a platform that enhances collaboration, reduces risks, and elevates quality through early error detection. By enabling the merging of BIM models from various stakeholders and facilitating thorough clash checks, Navisworks Manage addresses the unique challenges of tight construction sites and complex structures with unparalleled efficiency.

Key benefits of Navisworks Manage:

  • Early Error Detection: Identify and rectify potential issues before they escalate, significantly saving on costs and time

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Foster seamless cooperation among all BIM-involved parties, ensuring data integrity and reducing interface clashes

Project Control: From anticipation of potential challenges to avoiding delays and rework, maintain full project oversight

Capabilities of Navisworks Manage:

  • Import and manage over 60 file formats, including Revit, 3ds Max, and AutoCAD, without concern for file size

  • Combine diverse 3D objects into a unified model for clash detection, visualization, or virtual inspection

  • Perform comprehensive clash detections and model assessments

  • Visualize building sections, link project schedules for optimal assembly and logistics, and simulate construction site layouts

  • Experience your project virtually through animated walkthroughs and real-time navigation

  • Leverage cloud integration with BIM Collaborate for accessible model management

  • Utilize the redline tool for clearer model annotations and employ advanced measuring tools for precise quantification

Don't let errors and wasted time hold you back. Choose NavisWorks Manage for efficient collaboration, error detection, and enhanced project quality.

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