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Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Empower your industrial projects with the PDM collection—a comprehensive solution designed to meet all your needs. From design to production, these tools and applications enable seamless collaboration, optimizing every stage of the production process.

  • Integrate the benefits of 3D modeling, generative design, and collaboration

  • Control data throughout the project lifecycle

  • Simulate and anticipate: from manufacturing to product maintenance and recycling

From concept to production, streamline your product development and elevate your manufacturing with Autodesk's PD&M Collection, an all-encompassing suite of CAD tools. This collection includes Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD for best-in-class design and engineering. Gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic manufacturing industry. The PD&M Collection boosts quote accuracy and speed, automates configurations for tailored solutions, ensures smooth production communication, maintains a cohesive data flow, and anticipates challenges for timely delivery. Transform your manufacturing process now. Discover a suite of powerful software solutions in the Autodesk PDM Collection:

Inventor: Enhance your workflow with this 3D CAD software dedicated to mechanical design, offering high-performance tools for collaborative work and industry-specific design applications.

AutoCAD + Mechanical + Plant 3D + Electrical + Architecture: Access the most widely used AutoCAD solutions in the industrial sector for 2D and 3D CAD design.

Fusion 360: Integrate your entire design process from concept to manufacturing, including features for product development and verification using traditional or digital manufacturing tools.

Navisworks Manage: Share and enhance your 3D design models with project participants by merging and revising various formats.

Inventor Nastran: Connect your CAD tool with simulation software for better-performing products that meet your specifications.

Inventor CAM: Transform your concepts into machined parts with CAM software that connects CAD to machining.

And many more tools such as 3ds Max, Vault Basic, Recap Pro, Factory Design Utilities - all designed to optimize your operations.

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