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Civil WorkSuite: Civil Engineering Software Suite

Civil WorkSuite is a powerhouse collection of software solutions for civil engineers, planners, and designers. From roads and bridges to tunnels and sites, it offers tools for every stage, from conceptualization to detailed design, analysis, visualization, and digital delivery. It ensures optimal design solutions without the need for expensive new software, enabling firms to expand their services seamlessly.

Revolutionize your Civil Engineering Projects:

  • Covers design, analysis, construction, and asset management.

  • Offers parametric modeling, automated workflows, and BIM support.

  • Integrate across disciplines.

  • Provides powerful tools for terrain modeling and route optimization.

  • Enhances 3D design visualization and stakeholder communication.

With cutting-edge tools for road and bridge design, stormwater management, reality modeling and visualization, structural engineering, and tunnel design, Civil WorkSuite is the ultimate blueprint for advanced civil project design.

The suite at a glance:

Road and Bridge Software Excellence

  • OpenRoads Designer: Your Versatile Companion
    Tackle complex design challenges, from interchange and roundabout design to precise earthworks planning and surveying with OpenRoads Designer addresses all tasks with ease, ensuring your roadway designs surpass industry standards.

  • OpenRoads ConceptStation: Conception Meets Innovation
    With OpenRoads ConceptStation, envision and iterate road network conceptual designs rapidly during preliminary and planning phases, ensuring the seamless progression of infrastructure projects.

  • OpenBridge Designer: Bridging Ingenuity with Reality
    OpenBridge Designer integrates cutting-edge bridge technology, facilitating an interactive and parametrically enabled environment to model, design, and deliver bridge project deliverables efficiently.

  • OpenSite Designer: Site Design Without Boundaries
    OpenSite Designer addresses the comprehensive spectrum of site design and land development. It incorporates OpenSite SITEOPS solutions, enabling early identification of constraints and the generation of optimized project solutions.

The Rainmakers in Stormwater Software

  • OpenFlows CivilStorm: Mastery Over Stormwater Complexities

    With OpenFlows CivilStorm, model complex stormwater systems dynamically and leverage an array of hydrologic and hydraulic tools for unparalleled wet-weather analysis.

Reality Modeling & Visualization Software

  • Reality Modeling WorkSuite: Crafting the Fabric of Digital Narratives

    Cultivate immersive infrastructural design models that breathe life into your projects through iTwin Capture Modeler and ProjectWise ContextShare.

  • LumenRT: The Alchemy of Visualization

    Revolutionize your project presentations through cinematic quality visual storytelling that breathes life into your designs.

A Strong Foundation in Structural Software

  • ProStructures: The Blueprint of Professionalism

    Streamline your productivity with parametric modeling of steel and concrete, ensuring structural components adaptively fit your every design need. ProStructures includes ProSteel and ProConcrete.

Carving Pathways with Tunnel Software

  • OpenTunnel Designer: Your Subterranean Architect
    Advance your tunnel design workflow by up to 50%. OpenTunnel Designer is imbued with specialized tools that streamline your process, allowing for integrated project collaboration and reduced rework.

With Civil WorkSuite by your side, the future of civil engineering is in your hands.

Forge your path with Civil WorkSuite’s professional-grade arsenal, where every project is an opportunity for lasting impact. Envision, design and build the future with Civil WorkSuite. Request a quote.

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