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OpenBuildings Designer: All-In-One BIM Software for Building Design & Analysis

OpenBuildings Designer empowers architects and engineers with a comprehensive BIM software that fosters a holistic approach to building design. It not only aids in creating information-rich models but also seamlessly integrates design, analysis, simulation, and documentation.

Design Safe, Sustainable, and Distinctive Buildings:

  • Comprehensive BIM solution for building design.

  • Space planning catalog and integration with ProStructures.

  • Design complex MEP systems accurately.

  • Link specifications for high-quality drawings.

  • Generate 3D images for effective communication.

  • Evaluate building system performances for informed decisions.

OpenBuildings Designer equips architects and designers with the tools to create safe, sustainable, and distinctive buildings. Enveloped within a state-of-the-art 3D modeling environment, OpenBuildings Designer adapts to your every need—whether you're designing an intricate transport hub with space planning needs for ticket kiosks and gate turnstiles, or an expansive cultural landmark with unique structural requirements.

1. Comprehensive Architectural Tools

Leverage our robust architectural tools to create buildings or facilities adeptly. Capitalize on the extensive catalog for intelligent space planning, enabling the seamless design and layout of passenger information displays, turnstiles, and beyond.

2. Structural Mastery

Model with precision—be it steel, concrete, or timber. Utilize OpenBuildings Designer to develop your project from the ground up, crafting detailed plans, sections, and elevations in alignment with your vision.

3. MEP Systems Design

From lighting to plumbing, design MEP systems that redefine complexity into clarity. With OpenBuildings Designer, enabling power and fire detection systems alongside fully parametric ventilation, piping, and plumbing becomes a mastered art of detail and innovation.

4. Real-time Documentation and Reporting

Bind your project details together by interlinking specifications, calculations, and equipment records directly to your BIM model, creating a singular source of truth that ensures accuracy across all project documentation.

5. Striking Visualization

Bring designs to life with striking visualizations, animations, and photo-realistic renderings. This software enriches the design process, affording clarity and refinements that facilitate client and stakeholder decisions.

6. Performance Analysis for Informed Decisions

Execute performance analysis that informs and guides the design process from the foundational stages. Engage in conceptual energy analysis to anticipate peak loads, manage energy consumption, carbon output and estimate costs associated with sustainability goals.

OpenBuildings Designer is your gateway to a new era of architectural innovation. Optimize your designs, meet tight deadlines, and preempt errors all within a state-of-the-art digital environment.

Start designing your legacy with OpenBuildings Designer; contact us to activate the blueprint for your next masterpiece.

Start your OpenBuildings Designer experience today—an experience where your architectural vision becomes an intelligent and sustainable reality. Request a quote.

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