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ArcGIS GeoBIM – Streamlined AEC Contextual Collaboration

ArcGIS GeoBIM is an innovative, web-based platform that revolutionizes how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams collaborate and manage BIM projects. ArcGIS GeoBIM stands at the intersection of geospatial data and design information, providing unparalleled contextual insights for your projects.

Optimize AEC Project Management with ArcGIS GeoBIM:

  • Merge BIM and geospatial data for map views, offering unique perspectives.

  • Combine GIS and BIM on a web platform for seamless teamwork.

  • Ensure timely decisions with live data and dynamic visuals.

  • Accessible to AEC professionals without GIS expertise.

  • Streamline workflows with efficient data integration.

For AEC firms looking to enhance collaboration and understand their projects within the real-world context, ArcGIS GeoBIM is the solution. By bridging the gap between geospatial data and construction designs, ArcGIS GeoBIM ensures that your projects remain cohesive, organized, and aligned with your strategic vision — empowering you to deliver with confidence and precision.

Key Features of ArcGIS GeoBIM:

Comprehensive Project Visualization

  • Real-Time Geospatial Context: View all your project activity on a single map to see how components interact with the real world, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.

  • Easy-to-Use Web App: Navigate and explore project data, issues, and documents through a user-friendly web app configured for your project's unique needs.

Enhanced Data Management

  • Data Organization: Maintain your data organization effortlessly without the need for restructuring, keeping documents and datasets in their original environments.

  • Direct Data Source Links: Reduce redundant data conversion and maintain data fidelity by connecting directly to where your BIM projects, data, and documents are stored.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

  • Accessible Information Sharing: Share ArcGIS GeoBIM applications with stakeholders in a straightforward manner, allowing non-expert users to access and understand project details.

  • Contextualized Project Overviews: Visualize and manage project data cross-referenced with multiple locations, providing a comprehensive look at project scope and status.

Workflow Optimization

  • Reduced Conversion Costs: Minimize unnecessary model conversions, keeping information accurate and reducing costs throughout the project lifespan.

  • Project Performance Dashboards: Leverage dynamic dashboards to monitor project data, tracking issue resolution, timelines, and physical asset placements for informed project management.

ArcGIS GeoBIM is not just a product; it's your partner in AEC project execution. It bridges the gap between GIS and BIM, simplifying complex processes, and presenting information in a universally comprehensible format.

Break through conventional barriers and elevate your project coordination and delivery with ArcGIS GeoBIM.

Say hello to streamlined project coordination and witness your project’s delivery thrive in the context of its environment with ArcGIS GeoBIM. Request a quote.

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