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How BIM changed Russell and Yelland's Workflow

Client: Russell and Yelland Architects

Location: Unley, SA, Australia

VinZero Partner: A2K Technologies

Industry: AEC, D&M, M&E

Project Delivery Date: December 2019

Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk REVIT, Autodesk RECAP, Autodesk Navisworks, Enscape (and REVIT plugin), REVIZTO (and REVIT and NAVIS plugin)


Maximising the gym’s footprint without negatively impacting the vital pedestrian thoroughfare proved challenging for the team at Russell and Yelland.


Prior to using BIM, Russell and Yelland re-examined their business and workflows. They reviewed a number of projects – some that worked and some that didn’t. They were determined to improve, find a new direction, and make the introduction of BIM successful.


The solution was for the gym’s main student entry to present as destination on the pathway; the public entry’s hooded twin. Running BIM successfully and consistently across a variety of project types still has a way to go. There are many issues in the industry outside of the typical Architectural practice which need to also change for this to happen. Over the years they have strived to develop workflows which allow for these obstacles and give them license to manoeuvre through them.


The project team worked in a collaborative manner under a managing contractor procurement model. Incorporating the builders’ input early in the project proved beneficial to cost and schedule saving weeks of labour on site. Carefully administered, Caleruega Hall was delivered on time and under budget.


The project team was empowered with more information and could make better choices. This information flow ensured all stakeholders were involved in decision making. The constant flow of information, across the team from design, through manufacture into construction, meant the design process didn’t need to stop at the commencement of construction. Producing quality design outputs in almost real-time as the project developed let them continue to optimise the solution from beginning to the end.