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WaterGEMS | Advanced

27 Hours

Unlock advanced water system modeling techniques with WaterGEMS Advanced Training – a comprehensive course tailored for civil engineers and water utility professionals.

  • Advanced WaterGEMS usage for water distribution optimization.

  • Hands-on exercises guided by industry-leading experts.

  • Comprehensive exploration of hydraulic modeling and simulation.

  • Real-world applications including water quality, firefighting, and leakage detection.

  • Designed for engineers & water professionals.

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Elevate Your Water Infrastructure Management Skills with OpenFlows WaterGEMS Training

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the full potential of water infrastructure management through our comprehensive OpenFlows WaterGEMS Advanced training program. Tailored for engineers, planners, and water utility professionals, this immersive course is crafted to empower participants with the advanced capabilities of WaterGEMS for optimized water distribution and wastewater systems.

Delve into theoretical insights and practical exercises as you navigate hydraulic modeling, simulation, and analysis using the cutting-edge OpenFlows WaterGEMS software. Guided by industry experts, our training provides a structured curriculum that directly addresses the real-world challenges encountered by water professionals.

Whether you're looking to enhance your existing skills or are new to the world of hydraulic modeling, our training ensures you're equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for excellence in water resources management. Don't miss our upcoming training session – join us and elevate your expertise in water management.

Location – Online (Offline for minimum 5 participants)

Date - Multiple start dates available; please inquire for the next available batch.

Our Advanced WaterGEMS Training Program: Empowering Excellence in Water Network Design

Unlock the power of our immersive WaterGEMS | Advanced training program, where we revolutionize conventional water network design methodologies to equip participants with the expertise needed to conquer even the most intricate projects. Building on a foundation of understanding from our Essentials course and active project engagement, participants join a cohort poised for excellence.

Key Areas of Exploration:

Building Network & Essentials of WaterGEMS

  • Gain an overview of the WaterGEMS Connect Edition

Importing Basic Model Data & Modeling Pumps, Tanks, and PRVs

  • Create a new hydraulic model with automation and explore different hydraulic elements.

Steady State Calibration of Field Measurements & Creating Cost Functions Using Darwin Designer

  • Master the calibration of a steady-state water distribution system model.

Automated Fire Flow & Valving and Critical Segments Analysis

  • Model your network for fire flow analysis and identify critical segments.

Automating Calibration & Design Using Darwin Designer

  • Optimize calibration with roughness adjustment.

  • Automate design using Darwin Designer.

EPS Modeling and Energy Costing Analysis

  • Model a 24/7 water supply network.

  • Conduct energy audits on a water distribution system to enhance its operation.

Multisource Mixing, Chlorine Residual, and Age Analysis

  • Analyze various water quality parameters through extended period simulations.

  • Create and review scenarios for TDS and chlorine analysis.

Identifying Leakage Detection within the network

  • Set up and execute leakage detection runs.

ModelBuilder, Trex and LoadBuilder

  • Automate model building with Model Builder.

  • Use Network Navigator for quick element access.

  • Import elevations for a water network using the T-rex tool.

  • Assign demands to a model and simulate system demand efficiently with Load Builder.

Join us on this transformative journey to elevate your skills in water network design and management through our Advanced WaterGEMS Training Program. 

Reach out to us for more information and to secure your spot in our next session.

Let's conquer new horizons together.

Online sessions mainly; offline sessions available for a minimum of 5 participants.

Weekday batches from 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM IST

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