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BIM Services

Scalable and Flexible services to match your project needs

Our extensive BIM and project services empower you to stay ahead in project delivery. Whether you are designing, creating, building, or managing, BIM will improve your project outcomes by minimizing waste, reducing rework, and enhancing overall work quality.

Our team of BIM experts possess high-level industry experience, ensuring invaluable guidance for your project success.

Trust us to deliver the results you're looking for.

Leverage BIM to transform your project delivery

We work with customers large and small across Australia and New Zealand, helping them deliver projects that combine profitability and purpose. Our BIM expertise enables us to provide effective services tailored for the Built Environment industries, including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Building Services, and Manufacturing.

Our BIM Content & Development Services: 

Product-Specific Content Creation and Maintenance

Project-Specific and Generic Content Creation and Maintenance

Integration of BIM Management Tools

BIM Content Hosting

BIM Guidelines Development

BIM Management Plan Development

BIM Review and Project Compliance

Clash Detection and Coordination Services