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Who we are

Let’s advance the way we work together to build a better world

ARKANCE is a fully owned subsidiary of the French B2B Services Group Monnoyeur. Founded in 1906 the Monnoyeur group operates in the construction, industry, and agriculture sectors.

ARKANCE was established in 2018 with a vision to become a leading partner for digitalization of the construction and manufacturing sectors. Today, through its Partner to Build Smarter strategy, ARKANCE is a major global service and solutions provider to its target industries. Explore our timeline

At ARKANCE, we are dedicated to helping the construction and manufacturing sectors realize their digital potential. Our proprietary purpose-built Be.Smart software seamlessly integrates with an extensive network of world-class technology partners. With one of the largest professional services teams globally dedicated to the industries we serve, we provide comprehensive services that cover development, integration, implementation, and training, together with a full suite of advisory services.

Driven by our Partner to Build Smarter strategy, we take a holistic approach to digitalization to provide you with the right problem-solution fit.

What’s in a name

The ARKANCE name is inspired by the Greek « arkè » (meaning « beginning, direction »), and the English « advance » (meaning progress and future). This name projects the order and decisiveness, and the coordination and the will to build a project.