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Autodesk Civil 3D

Experience the power of Autodesk Civil 3D, the ultimate software for civil engineering projects. From surveying data to designing roads, sewers, and embankments, Civil 3D offers all the tools you need to bring your vision to life. Whether you're working in 2D or 3D, this software has the features and capabilities to streamline your workflow.

- Design with precision using the 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

- Streamline your workflow with features for road design, earthworks, cables, and pipelines

- Seamlessly integrate GPS measurement data and work with GIS data like SHP files

- Collaborate more efficiently with Microstation DGN files

Why settle for anything less when you can have the complete civil industry solution with Civil 3D? Gain valuable insights into project performance, ensure data consistency, and respond quickly to changes. This software simplifies the design, analysis, and documentation of civil engineering projects, boosting productivity and allowing you to create smart 3D designs.

Elevate Your Civil Engineering with Civil 3D

At the forefront of civil design, Civil 3D by Autodesk stands as a beacon of innovation, blending AutoCAD's renowned drawing capabilities with specialized civil engineering functionalities. Our mission is to empower professionals to achieve excellence in their infrastructural projects, from sewage systems to civil engineering marvels, through dynamic, data-driven designs.

Visionary Integration and Diverse Project Support

Civil 3D seamlessly integrates with BIM technology, fostering advanced collaboration and elevating project outcomes across various domains, including airports and railroads. Its compatibility with DWG and various formats like LandXML and GIS underscores our vision to lead in the digital transformation of civil engineering.

Revolutionizing Design and Analysis

Civil 3D software revolutionizes corridor modeling, water management systems, and terrain modeling, ensuring your designs are not only efficient but truly alive. With modules dedicated to railways and comprehensive support for pressure pipe networks, Civil 3D propels your projects forward, backed by the power of InfraWorks for enhanced design, speed, and accuracy.

Advanced Surveying and Data Insights

Unleash the potential of GPS surveying and LIDAR scans to create intelligent terrain models and perform intricate analyses, from soil balance to rainwater management. Civil 3D's advanced visualization tools and integrations, including Navisworks and Revit Structure, offer a new dimension of analysis, ensuring your projects are both innovative and grounded in precision.

Take your civil engineering projects to the next level with Civil 3D.

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