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Autodesk Fusion

Transform your product development with Fusion: the integrated solution for design, engineering, and manufacturing. Collaborate effortlessly across any device, anywhere. Transform your workflow with Autodesk’s unified platform.

  • 3D Design ands Modeling

  • Simulation

  • Generative design

  • Documentation

  • Cooperation

  • Production

Take advantage of the impressive features that Fusion offers:

  • Complete product development in one tool, eliminating the need to switch between applications

  • Combine design and engineering seamlessly, creating surfaces that can be easily processed downstream

  • Enjoy a flexible modeling environment, with both real-time direct modeling and function-based parametric modeling

  • Easily translate, import, and export a wide range of file types, ensuring compatibility with different software

  • Experience regular updates every 6-8 weeks, thanks to our modern development cycles

  • Streamline project management with integrated data management, all on one central dashboard

  • Collaborate effortlessly, whether working alone or with a team, using our project dashboard

  • From production to 3D rendering and visualization

  • Install Fusion on multiple devices, so you can work wherever you want

Give your design concepts the attention they deserve with Fusion. Start simplifying your workflow and bringing your ideas to life in a whole new way.

Fusion extensions

A variety of extensions are available for Autodesk Fusion, providing access to a broader range of sophisticated functionalities. These extensions encompass everything from generative design and automation to advanced manufacturing techniques, metal 3D printing, electromagnetic analysis, and diverse simulation options.

Autodesk Fusion Design extension

Automate design with the Design extension. Speed up complex part creation, skip routine steps, and explore new possibilities while ensuring manufacturability.

Autodesk Fusion manage extension

Upgrade Autodesk Fusion projects with improved data management tools. Streamline design statuses, automate numbering, and manage changes efficiently. Discover new Manage tab commands and enhanced property functions.

Autodesk Fusion Signal Integrity extension

Harness Ansys simulations within our extension for early PCB design issue detection, reducing prototypes with a dynamic, user-friendly 2D PCB view to speed up development.

Autodesk Fusion Simulation Extension

Unlock unlimited generative design and in-depth simulation without extra costs. Perfect your product early, avoiding costly late-stage changes.

Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Extension

Elevate your 3D printing with this Additive Manufacturing extension, enabling advanced space optimization and support structure generation. Enhance sheet metal work with the Assembly & Fabrication add-on, and advance CAM processes with the Machining extension. Transform your designs into reality.

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