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Navisworks Simulate

Optimize BIM project delivery with Navisworks. Its Simulate software enhances 3D model review, enabling detailed communication through 5D analysis, quantification, and simulation tools. Experience improved model simulation for construction projects.

  • Transform design and construction data into a unified model

  • Proactively identify and resolve clashes and interferences to streamline on-site work and reduce rework

  • Integrate Navisworks notifications into Autodesk Construction Cloud for seamless team collaboration and connectivity

Navisworks Simulate: A comprehensive project visualization tool

At the heart of Navisworks' capabilities is the ability to merge all project data into a single, animated 3D model. This feature not only provides a detailed preview of the project's kickoff under true-to-life conditions but also facilitates an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the model. With Navisworks Simulate, users can:

Integrate and Evaluate: Combine data from diverse multi-brand applications, leveraging the rich object properties for thorough model evaluation

Simulate and Analyze: Conduct detailed simulations and analyses to anticipate potential issues and optimize project plans

Quantify: Easily extract accurate quantifications from the model to inform cost estimation and resource allocation

Enhancing collaboration and precision in construction projects

Navisworks Simulate stands as a critical tool for both simulation and project review stages. Its latest enhancements empower users to conduct realistic simulations of models developed for construction projects. By aggregating BIM data across various file formats, Navisworks Simulate ensures all stakeholders, regardless of their specific software preferences, can access and review the project details through the Navisworks Freedom Viewer.

Moreover, the software extends its utility beyond Autodesk users by enabling object animation, detailed project planning, and photorealistic visualization capabilities. For those not utilizing Autodesk Max 3D design and visualization software, Navisworks Simulate offers a viable and precise alternative to traditional mock-ups, ensuring that every project detail is meticulously planned and visualized.

Navisworks Simulate is more than just a software application; it's a comprehensive solution for enhancing project visualization, collaboration, and execution in the dynamic world of construction and design. With its robust simulation, quantification, and analysis tools, Navisworks Simulate is poised to revolutionize the way projects are conceived, developed, and delivered.

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