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Vault Office

Vault Office revolutionizes collaboration by integrating with Microsoft, enabling non-CAD users to easily view designs, generate reports, and communicate with the project team. A truly practical tool for seamless teamwork!

  • Integration with Microsoft Office

  • Only works with Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional

Accelerate your product development process with Vault, the ultimate tool designed to optimize your workflow and enhance collaboration across teams. Vault allows you to quickly find and reuse non-CAD documents, eliminating the need to start from scratch and significantly reducing waste. Its intelligent search capabilities streamline product data management, making operations more efficient than ever.

Vault takes collaboration to the next level enabling precise management of user access and editing rights tailored to individual roles and projects. Share critical data effortlessly with clients, manufacturing suppliers, and design contractors, fostering strong connections between working groups regardless of their geographical locations.

Integration with Microsoft Office sets Autodesk Vault Office apart, creating a unified workspace where both engineers and non-engineers can collaborate seamlessly. With features like document check-in and check-out, managing Office data including documents, spreadsheets, and presentations becomes a breeze. Vault ensures all your files are collected in one central location, with every version saved to prevent any loss of information.

Vault Office is designed to complement Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, offering an integrated solution that strengthens team collaboration and accelerates the product development cycle. Gear up for a smoother, more connected workflow with Vault at the heart of your operations.

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