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CNC Exporters for wood frames

Our CNC Exporters for timber framing infuse your fabrication process with speed and precision. Seamlessly integrated with the Be.Smart Wood Framing solution, we make it easy to export your 3D model from Autodesk® Revit® to the CNC machine or CAD/CAM production line of your choice.

  • Efficient prefabrication of wood structures

  • Bridges the gap between design and reality

  • Advanced processing and marking configurations

  • Export all framing layers or only selected elements

  • Compatible with leading CNC and CAD/CAM makers

  • Supports a wide range of file formats

  • Client-driven development

Enhanced integration and accuracy

Our CNC Exporters ensure seamless integration between your timber design and production processes. Experience the elimination of manual errors, and enjoy the convenience of generating CNC files with just a few clicks. Our Exporters are compatible with leading CNC and CAD/CAM makers, including EasyFrame, Hundegger, MiTek, Randek, Spida, and WEINMANN, to ensure precise cuts for your custom timber structures.

  • Wide array of supported file formats

  • Exact cuts as modeled in Revit

  • Export entire framing assembly with all layers or only selected elements

  • Highly customizable export options

Framing the future of construction

Our CNC Exporters go beyond basic operations. We offer advanced options for processing command selection and marking configurations to increase your manufacturing efficiency and ensure precise execution of your desired specifications. Our CNC Exporters are ready-made for efficient prefabrication of wood structures. Export entire framing assemblies, including walls, floors, roofs, and even intricate truss designs, from Revit to your CNC machine or CAD/CAM line.

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Tailored to your needs

Your needs and ideas drive our development process, resulting in highly adaptable exporters. Our continuous improvements, based on your feedback, ensure efficient and accurate manufacturing to meet your requirements. Our lineup of ready-made exporters can produce an extensive range of file types, such as BTL, BVX, CDT4, EHX, EZF, SPL728, SSF, WUP, and more – and we are prepared to customize a solution for your specific equipment model, as needed. Trust our Exporters to bridge the gap between design and reality.

Now production documentation is uploaded directly to the CNC with no need for manual programming. Problems and errors related to reading documentation and incorrect data entry have disappeared. And it has proved possible to process panels in greater detail.

Vítězslav Dovrtěl Engineer, Prefast, Czech Republic

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