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Pointscene – Compare and control the work

Pointscene is a cloud toolkit for construction, BIM, and survey professionals. Take advantage of orthophotos, point clouds, and design files. Calculate quantities and volumes and cut unnecessary waiting time. Get better quality design changes faster with Pointscene.

  • Up-to-date site data online for field and office

  • Compatible with major CAD/BIM software

  • Industry-leading sharing tools for drone data

  • Compare and measure progress with reality data and designs

  • Manage and create drone maps like orthophotos and point clouds

No more unwanted delays

Construction projects often face unexpected changes and surprises, leading to delays and potential compromises in quality. With Pointscene, you can ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently, overcoming these challenges.

Build with confidence

Pointscene optimizes your plan and design change processes, ensuring time-saving measures without sacrificing quality or confidence. This robust browser app streamlines the management of your plans, designs, and orthophotos, fostering seamless sharing and integration with a variety of construction software. With Pointscene, you can validate design changes effortlessly and build with confidence.

With Pointscene, you can:

  • Efficiently handle 2D and 3D reality data and design models online

  • Share data seamlessly with preferred software and stakeholders

  • Measure volumes and distances between as-built conditions and designs

  • Effortlessly create drone maps from drone imagery online

A cloud toolkit for construction professionals

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Boost your workflow

Integrate relevant data layers such as orthophotos and point clouds into your existing platforms, leveraging OGC and open Infra BIM standards. Ensure your team has access to the same up-to-date worksite information in an environment they are already familiar with.

Use Pointscene’s industry-leading sharing tools on platforms like:

  • Autodesk®

  • Trimble®

  • Be.Smart Site Management

  • and other leading CAD / BIM / GIS solutions.

On budget and ahead of schedule

Pointscene’s customers are repeatedly finishing their projects under budget and ahead of schedule. They have enhanced the quality and practical worksite management by eliminating unwanted delays. Using reality-capture data in daily tasks has increased the overall situational awareness of all stakeholders involved.

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