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ERP Connector

ERP Connector keeps your ERP system in tight connection with Autodesk® Vault Professional® and your CAD data. Dynamic values, including stock inventory, purchased items, invoices, and more, can be accessed from Vault, and design documentation can be accessed from your ERP.

  • Automates data transfer between company departments

  • Unifies company data sources for consistent design data

  • Ensures the design department has access to ERP values

  • Smoother planning and management

  • Automated post processing of design documentation

Empowering data automation

In an era of digital transformation, ERP Connector harmonizes data exchange between Autodesk Vault and your ERP system. Reap the benefits of data automation, ensuring that the complexities of information flow are an asset, not a challenge.

Here is what ERP Connector makes possible:

  • Streamline interdepartmental information exchange

  • Minimize the risk of data inaccuracies and duplications

  • Accelerate design-phase advancement and streamline production cycles

  • Provide actionable, real-time design, stock, pricing, and production, data

  • Unify data sources company-wide for consistency and increased accuracy

  • Extract native 3D model information for manufacturing

In our system, we basically create the entire BOM, the entire BOM of the product, both mechanical parts and electrical parts, and this mechatronic BOM goes to the ERP system where it is further processed for production.

Martin Foral Designer, PDM administration, Czech Republic

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Harnessing the potential of tailor-made integration

The power of ERP Connector lies within its adaptability as a fully configurable solution to conform to your unique operational requirements. With support for majopdmr ERP platforms – including Helios Orange, Qi, SAP, Axapta MS, TPV2000, ABRA, ALTEC, HoC, MAX, K2 Amitec, Infor SyteLine, Sysklass (Monaco), SQL Economist, Dialog 3000, and VARIO – our extensive platform reach ensures Autodesk Vault speaks fluently with your enterprise system based on premier databases such as MS, SQL, and Oracle.

Start your integration journey with confidence

As your business looks to extract the full potential of native 3D models and capitalize on automated design documentation processing, ERP Connector stands ready. Let ERP Connector support your journey into the future of integrated digital efficiency.

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