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RevitSHARE allows you to fully integrate your Revit files with SharePoint.

  • RevitSHARE will manage your Revit Drawing files, ensuring that you implement versioning protocols.

  • Manage how drawings are checked out and checked in within a multi-editing, multi-user environment.

RevitSHARE is a Revit plugin that integrates directly with your current SharePoint implementation. Users can login to SharePoint directly from the Revit UI and browse Revit projects.

Key Features of RevitSHARE:

  • Ensures users access project files from SharePoint instead of using local copies.

  • Manages the versioning process, so that you can roll back to previous versions as and when needed.

  • Enables users to Check Out project files to eliminate conflict resolution issues.

RevitSHARE Overview

RevitSHARE £450.00 + VAT

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