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Connecting design teams to support Business growth

Client: Cova Security Gates

Location: West Sussex, UK

VinZero Partner: Cadline

Industry: Manufacturing & Data Management

Autodesk Solutions: Vault, Autodesk PDM Collection


The design team at Cova Security Gates was already a long-standing user of Autodesk product design technology, with Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical core to the organisation’s product development workflows. However, due to the company’s success and expansion, Cova were starting to outgrow current practices and needed to make a step change in the way design data is managed.

Robust processes for revision management and release approval were in place but were largely manual, with significant scope for improved efficiencies through automation. Furthermore, the connection between the mechanical and electrical project data was limited, leading to issues with version control.

Finally, the global pandemic had highlighted the need for a centralised data management system that could be easily accessed inside and outside the office with consistent performance regardless of the user’s location.


Cova’s primary requirement was the ability to manage engineering models and drawings in a secure central location. Any proposed solution needed to reduce the use of incorrect file versions being used around the business, improve access for design when accessing data from multiple locations and reduce the time waiting to open design files over VPN. In addition, the solution needed to manage data and its release to the business more efficiently, reduce manual data management tasks and improve revision, version and release management. Cova also required improved back-office access to data, reduced effort in transmittal report creation, improved batch plotting, and a digitised change management and approval process.


Cadline’s recommended solution was Autodesk Vault Professional with Cadline AutoConnect. AutoConnect extends the functionality of Vault Professional and automates Auto Property Update, Auto File Creation such as PDF, STEP, DWG, file based BOM Export from Inventor, and Email Notification. Cova opted for a Microsoft Azure hosted server for their Vault implementation, enabling the business to work efficiently anywhere and reduce their IT server footprint and management costs.

Cadline’s Vault Professional Quickstart was the agreed solution to ensure Cova were up and running as soon as possible. The Vault Professional Remote QuickStart is designed to deliver a pre-configured environment with the skills system administrators and users need to work with Vault Professional, in a short period of time. In addition to the Vault implementation, Cadline upgraded all of Cova’s Autodesk PDM Collection software to the same 2022 version which included the migration of the AutoCAD Electrical databases.


All staff undertook Vault User and Vault Admin training to ensure full adoption of the new solution. The Vault Professional and Cadline AutoConnect implementation met all of Cova’s original requirements, and Cova have seen a significant improvement in efficiency, with users able to easily and quickly access data from multiple locations. Correct files are now being used due to the controlled revision, version and release management provided by Autodesk Vault Professional, and Cadline AutoConnect allows the creation of DWF and PDF files at lifecycle transitions.


Cova now has the foundation in place to control the release and management of data. A secure, central location for data with improved revision, version and release management enables users to access the correct information, anytime, anywhere. Slow VPN connectivity has been addressed improving access and reducing time waiting, and manual tasks have been automated enabling Cova to benefit from the associated time and cost savings.