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Optimising visual project planning with Navisworks

Client: Yara

Location: Global

VinZero Partner: Cadline

Industry: AEC

Autodesk Solutions: Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk CAD Electrical, Autodesk Vault Professional, Autodesk Fusion 360 Manufacturing Extension


Yara Technology and Projects (YTP) main focus is to develop Yara operations, support Yara's vision to feed the world and deliver roadmaps and projects towards climate neutral solutions. With so many projects being Worldwide, Yara needed to evaluate constructability issues that may arise during projects. Yara use Microsoft Project and Primavera to set up project schedules, material availability and often face the challenge of getting the required tools to remote locations.


Yara’s overall goal was to ensure that projects were built on-time, by managing materials, tools and manpower sometimes in challenging locations. Whilst Project management software can pull together build sequencing, it doesn’t offer a visual tool. Often, non-technical users such as on-site colleagues and customers, find it difficult to grasp or understand what is going on in the project at a specific time. They needed a solution that could help them deliver a 3D, visual tool, or animation, that would clearly define the build time sequences. This would allow them to plan material delivery, installation, and handover more effectively.


After reviewing their issues and what they wanted to achieve, we identified Navisworks as the best overall solution. It can take in Project Management data and synchronise with the CAD 3D model allowing true 4D planning. The overall benefit of 4D planning in construction projects is the awareness of time-related clashes in advance, instead of encountering them on the construction site. However, the underlying motive to use 4D planning is slightly different in every project. In addition, every project encounters different challenges, phases, and objects.

We then developed a training course using Navisworks Manage, aimed at achieving the 4D simulation process. Users needed to understand the tools within the application to meet their goals, however there is additional functionality within the software that would be useful. For example, navigation and walk-through simulations for clients, in house reviews, and project coordination meetings.


A significant improvement in design efficiency by empowering users to be able to review their designs using 4D simulation prior to manufacture and delivery of materials eliminating delays in the project, rework, and wasted critical produce. The success of the programme has allowed us to work with the team at Yara YTP to identify more areas for improvement when using their existing Autodesk technology and to introduce additional design and collaboration technology within their business.


Our specialist expertise with Navisworks uniquely positioned Cadline as trusted advisors where we were able to identify the root of their issues and came up with a solution that helped them integrate multiple data sets from different sources. Due to Cadline being part of a global CAD solutions provider, we were able to offer bespoke training on an international level in multiple continents. We continue to provide guidance, support, and training to Yara YTP as new potential processes are