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Advance steel

Are you a structural engineer, draftsman, or manufacturer looking to streamline your steel construction projects? Look no further than Advance Steel, the leading software for creating BIM models that simplify steel component production.

  • Import 3D models effortlessly

  • Enjoy the benefits of BIM-ready steel structures

  • Stay organized with always up-to-date documentation

  • Generate accurate bill of materials (BOM)

  • Design stairs and handrails with ease

  • Collaborate seamlessly with different disciplines

Speed up steel production with 3D model imports!

Collaborate seamlessly between Advance Steel and Revit, saving time and reducing errors. Import non-standard components for comprehensive as-built models, including engines, tanks, welds, and bolts, for improved coordination and accuracy.

Simplify your structural modeling process with Advance Steel's intelligent features and extensive object library. Create elements like trusses, bracings, purlins, and portal frames, effortlessly with the help of wizard tools.

Experience the convenience of ready-to-use parametric steel connections provided by Advance Steel. From simple to complex, the easy-to-use library ensures that changes to a part automatically update the connections.

Ensure compliance with industry standards, as Advance Steel checks steel connections against AISC and EC3 standards. Get peace of mind by validating your models and generating custom reports as needed.

Key benefits of Advance Steel:

Comprehensive 3D modeling: Powerfull tools to create detailed 3D models of steel structures, facilitating accurate visualization and planning throughout the construction process

Extensive connection design and customization: With its vast repository of connections and custom layout editor, users can efficiently design and detail steel connections, enhancing structural integrity and design flexibility

Seamless documentation generation: Automate the creation of workshop and assembly documentation, including axonometric drawings and detailed item elements, streamlining the fabrication and installation processes

Integrated workflow with Revit: The full integration with Revit supports a two-way, lossless exchange of information, ensuring consistency and reducing rework across BIM workflows

Precision and efficiency in fabrication: Improve fabrication precision with features like file generation for CNC machine tools maintaining the position of holes while sketching beams, optimizing material usage and reducing waste.

Advance Steel enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration in steel structure projects by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for modeling, detailing, and documentation within a BIM framework.

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