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Wood Framing advanced modeling solution

Accelerate your timber framing design process in Autodesk® Revit® with Wood Framing. Our advanced automation empowers designers and engineers to create precise frames for walls, floors, and roofs. Experience faster framing, instant project updates, and streamlined documentation generation.

  • Custom, rule-based timber framing

  • Automated framing modifications and updates

  • Customizable, reusable framing rules

  • Finds and resolves structural and MEP engineering clashes

  • Sorts and numbers all elements

  • Generates shop drawings

  • Includes parametric framing families

Elevate your timber framing game

Wood Framing can tackle any framing challenge, no matter how intricate. Create frames according to your predefined configurations, panelize them, distribute connection details, and output professional shop drawings. Our solution allows you to complete your framing project entirely within Revit, from early design stages at LOD 100 to detailed design at LOD 400. And that includes all the disciplines within Revit so you can fully design and engineer your project from the architectural, structural, and MEP standpoints. All under a single framing solution.

  • Create single- and multi-layer timber frames for walls, floors, and roofs – including rafters, prefabricated panels, and truss systems

  • Customize framing rules and save them for future projects, optimizing your workflow and maximizing efficiency

  • Modify and update frames at any stage

  • Generate all deliverables automatically

Experience the future of construction

Wood Framing simplifies the framing, modifying, data management, and documentation processes in Revit. And it enables optimal design decisions early on. Experience the seamless creation of timber frames, customizable to fit any project specifications. With automated updates, you can easily make changes to framing, sheathing, and assemblies at any stage, leaving no detail overlooked. Our solution makes it easy to create everything needed on sheets, like schedules, material take offs, and views with tags and dimensions.

Simplify wood framing in Revit

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Designing buildings just got easier

Whether it's a single-story house or a multi-floor structure, our innovative solution dramatically speeds up the design process. With the ability to create, modify, and update multiple building modules and components simultaneously, the time savings are substantial. Additionally, you can easily adjust project-wide parameters, ensuring accurate data and preventing costly errors. Even late-stage architectural changes are seamlessly integrated into the model and drawings, thanks to automatic updates. Take your timber building design and construction processes to the next level today and use them to enhance your future projects.

I use your software every single day, to help speed things up and make us look good. Instead of picking one wall and having to frame it, then clicking another wall and framing that, I can select a bunch for framing with one click.

Andrew Fenner Preconstruction Coordinator, Graves Lumber, USA

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