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CLT Panels advanced modeling solution

Easily model and document CLT panels in Autodesk® Revit® with speed and accuracy. This powerful and flexible solution ensures quality production and accurate assembly, enabling you to meet BIM project requirements and exceed client expectations.

  • Precise modeling and updating of building modules

  • Customizable, reusable rules for creating CLT panels

  • Automated updates eliminate errors

  • Streamlines processes from design to documentation

  • Sorts and numbers all elements

  • Accurate BIM data for exact material quantities

  • Generates shop drawings

High-quality CLT modeling

Designing cross-laminated timber buildings in Revit is fast and accurate with CLT Panels at your side. Engineered for CLT project designers, this specialized solution accelerates the modeling and documentation process and ensures precise assembly.

Holistic approach

Create CLT panels according to your predefined configurations, distribute connections (including dovetails, half-lap joints, mortise and tenon joints, and more), and output professional shop drawings. Our solution allows you to complete your CLT project entirely within Revit, from early design stages at LOD 100 to detailed design at LOD 400. And that includes all the disciplines within Revit so that you can fully design and engineer your project from the architectural, structural, and MEP standpoints. All under a single solution.

  • Create CLT panels for walls, floors, and roofs

  • Customize framing rules and save them for future projects, optimizing your workflow and maximizing efficiency

  • Modify and update panels at any stage

  • Generate all deliverables automatically

Simplify wood framing

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Efficiency and precision

CLT Panels greatly simplifies modeling panels and connections, managing project data, and generating shop drawings. And it enables optimal design decisions early on. Experience the seamless creation of cross-laminated timber panels, customizable to fit any project specifications. With automated updates, easily make changes at any stage, leaving no detail overlooked. CLT Panels makes it easy to create everything needed on sheets, like schedules, material take offs, and views with tags and dimensions.

Designing with CLT made easy

For managing large, multifaceted projects, our solution is a game-changer. Predefined, customizable rules let you design CLT panel structures precisely suited to your project's unique requirements. Automatic updates dramatically reduce the chance for errors to creep in, ensuring accurate and precise output. Being able to edit and update building modules not only saves significant time but makes managing large projects much easier because the software takes care of the tedious and repetitive tasks. The result? An accurate 3D model, automated documentation, a smoother workflow overall, and on-time project delivery, every single time.

We can now produce extremely accurate detailed BIM models and drawings and export exact sheathing and fixing schedules, which improves other departments’ efficiency, too.

Thomas Woolley Architectural Technician, Carbon Dynamic, UK

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