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Cut Opening

Elevate your 3D modeling process with Cut Opening to generate and manage openings in Autodesk® Revit®. Effortlessly create penetration holes or pockets for MEP services, doors, windows, and structural framing.

  • Automates openings for MEP, architectural and structural elements

  • Inserts openings with predefined shape, size and joining offset

  • Detects and resolves clashes with current, linked or IFC files

  • Boosts collaborative workflows

  • Dimensions openings automatically

Redefining precision in construction design

Cut Opening is an indispensable help for ensuring every opening is flawlessly positioned and error-free, increasing project value. Our dynamic tool keeps openings up to date, seamlessly adapting to project changes along the way. Experience convenience and accuracy with Cut Opening, engineered for modern project design.

Easier and faster than using native Revit

Cut Opening not only simplifies making openings - saving valuable time in the process – but also locates systems passing through openings and enables copying information from MEP and structural elements into the openings. What else can you do with it?

  • ​​​​​​​Quickly generate and manage custom openings

  • Review, revise, and create approved holes with just a click

  • Allow project participants to comment on, accept, or decline openings

  • Get an accurate, detailed building model and drawings

  • Configure precise settings for all types of MEP penetrations

  • Coordinate openings between architectural and structural models

  • Place fire safety components automatically where required

  • Save opening configurations for multiple users

Generate and manage openings

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Enjoy new heights of efficiency

Cut Opening transforms how MEP penetration holes are handled in Revit. Experience flawless execution with precise configurations, regardless of project complexity. Cut Opening has you covered for making openings in Revit for MEP, architectural, and structural elements.

Transform your BIM workflow

Let Cut Opening take working in Revit to the next level. With predefined configurations, rule-based insertion, and customization options, it streamlines your workflow and reduces time spent on manual placements up to 90%.

With Cut Opening we created 1300 holes in 20 minutes instead of 2-3 days doing it manually.

Salman Pey Head of BIM, Niras A/S, Denmark

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