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MEP Hangers fast and easy distribution

Placing hangers and supports for MEP elements in Autodesk® Revit® just got a whole lot easier. Our MEP Hangers solution places them automatically in virtually any scenario. A new level of efficiency in MEP design is here.

  • Fast, large-scale insertion of supports and hangers

  • Create multi-level supports

  • Set up your own hanger placement rules – reuse them over and over

  • Use your own families or those in the included library

  • Update hangers with one click

  • Precise bill of materials

  • Supports Revit and IFC links

  • Number and sort all Revit elements

A time-saving solution for high LOD projects

MEP Hangers is the solution of choice for distributing hangers and supports for pipes, ductwork, conduit, and cable trays in Revit. By automating the process, you can fast track the achievement of your desired LOD, saving valuable time and resources. This is particularly beneficial for complex projects where time constraints are tight, enabling you to deliver high-quality results quickly and efficiently.

What’s unique about MEP Hangers

Placing hangers and supports manually on a large scale in Revit is extremely time-consuming, especially if you want a clash-free model. And mistakes are easy to make. MEP Hangers does this for you automatically, sizing hangers and supports according to the size of the MEP elements and their distance from surrounding structures. But that’s not all.

Here’s what sets MEP Hangers apart when it comes to efficiency:

  • Place hangers and supports in practically any scenario, for example, on vertical or sloped MEP elements, or attach hangers to the floor above – and to the floor below. Yes, we support upside-down hangers.

  • Set up configurations once, as specific and granular as you want, and reuse them again and again on future projects.

  • Extract Revit data from MEP and structural elements and place into hanger families, enhancing your ability to filter hanger lists by various criteria and yielding better visibility control and advanced sizing controls.

  • The included library of customizable families lets you jump right in to using the solution. You can also use your own families for accurate representation of real-world products.

Save time detailing MEP designs

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Update hangers and layouts automatically   

In the dynamic world of construction and manufacturing, changes are inevitable. MEP Hangers significantly reduces the time spent on manual updates, thanks to its instant-update capability. Need to run a larger size of ductwork? One click, and all hangers are the required size. Did the architect move a wall? One click, and your MEP supports are moved accordingly. This saves time and ensures accuracy, consistency, and quality across your project. 

Streamlining MEP design

MEP Hangers enables you to split MEP elements into manufacturer-specified lengths, define hanger spacing, sort and number hangers, and extract coordinates for onsite drilling robots. This seamless integration simplifies workflows, boosts operational efficiency, and propels your projects into the future of MEP design.

Saved us countless hours placing hangers on piping and ductwork.

Mike McGinn Plumbing Designer, Pace Collaborative, USA

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