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Metal Framing advanced modeling solution

Experience lightning-fast design speed with our Metal Framing solution for Autodesk® Revit®. It highly automates the creation of light-steel wall, floor, and roof frames. So, you can stay ahead with real-time project updates, auto-generated shop drawings, and all necessary BIM data for CNC export.

  • Saves time and prevents errors

  • Enables optimal design decisions early on

  • Automated framing modifications and updates

  • Finds and resolves structural and MEP engineering clashes

  • Cuts and frames openings

  • Generates shop drawings automatically

  • Includes parametric framing families

One solution for all stages and disciplines

Unlock the potential of framing with metal in Revit. No more repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Our solution allows you to complete your framing project entirely within Revit, from early design stages at LOD 100 to detailed design at LOD 400. And that includes all the disciplines within Revit so that you can fully design and engineer your project from the architectural, structural, and MEP standpoints. All under a single framing solution.

Take your LGS framing game to the next level

Metal Framing can handle any light-steel framing project, no matter how intricate. Whether it’s simple walls or complex multi-layer structures, our advanced configuration options make the process smooth and intuitive. Create and customize light-steel frames, panelize them, distribute connection details, seamlessly modify and update at any stage, and automate deliverables for a polished, professional finish.

  • Create single-layer and multi-layer frames for walls, floors, and roofs – including rafters, prefabricated panels, and truss systems

  • Easily modify frames and update them automatically

  • Generate all 2D documentation and schedules

Better, faster light steel framing

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Step into the future of construction

Metal Framing simplifies the framing, modifying, and documentation processes in Revit. Experience the effortless creation of customizable CFS frames, tailored to your project's exact specifications. No detail is overlooked, with automated updates allowing you to easily make changes to framing, sheathing, and assemblies at any stage. Our solution also streamlines assemblies and hosted elements, creating views, tags, dimensions, and schedules with ease. And the best part, you can save configurations, optimizing workflow and maximizing efficiency for future projects.

Designing buildings just got easier

Our innovative Metal Framing dramatically speeds up the design process of multi-floor structures. With the ability to edit and update multiple building modules and components simultaneously, the time savings are massive. Not only that, you can also easily adjust project-wide parameters, ensuring accurate data and avoiding expensive mistakes. Forget about the hassle of late-stage architectural changes – Metal Framing seamlessly integrates them into the model and drawings, thanks to automatic updates. Discover the power of Metal Framing today.

Metal Framing is the lifeblood of our off-site practices, reducing labour costs.

Stephen Mezes Managing Director, Bela Design Building, Australia

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