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Post & Beam Framing 3D modeling

This is your all-in-one solution for designing heavy timber buildings in Autodesk® Revit®. With customizable modeling rules, automated updates, and accurate BIM data, Post & Beam Framing streamlines the entire process from design to documentation.

  • Customizable, reusable rules for modeling frames and connections

  • Reduces errors with automated framing modifications and updates

  • Streamlines processes from design to documentation

  • Sorts and numbers all elements

  • Accurate BIM data for exact material quantities

  • Generates shop drawings

Simply powerful

Revolutionize your heavy timber design and construction process with Post & Beam Framing. This specialized solution dramatically simplifies and accelerates the design and build of mass timber homes, barns, event venues, commercial buildings, and more.

Advanced automation

With Post & Beam Framing, you can automatically frame walls, floors, and roofs, and distribute connectors, cuts, supports, and other details. Our solution allows you to complete your heavy timber project entirely within Revit, from early design stages at LOD 100 to detailed design at LOD 400. And that includes all the disciplines within Revit so you can fully design and engineer the project from the architectural, structural, and MEP standpoints. All under a single solution. Modeling, updating, and documenting your design has simply never been easier or faster.

  • Model heavy timber buildings

  • Customize framing rules and save them for future projects, optimizing workflow and maximizing efficiency

  • Automatic updates at any stage of design

  • Auto-distribute and manage cuts and connections

  • Generate documentation with a single click

Simplify wood framing

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The future of heavy timber design

Experience enhanced precision and automation with Post & Beam Framing. In addition to walls and floors, this powerful tool auto-generates trusses and multi-layer rafters, which you can modify and update at any time. Distribute posts, beams, girders, braces, bridging, and siding as well as cuts and connections, such as mortise and tenon joints, shoulder cuts, and girder-to-girder connections.

Redefining efficiency

Step into the future with Post & Beam Framing and say goodbye to guesswork. Enjoy the benefits automation brings to framing precise models and generating schedules and shop drawings with dimensioned and tagged views. Experience newfound productivity, as our solution standardizes and expedites the framing and documentation process, turning your vision into reality with high speed and precision.

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