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Sandwich Panels 3D modeling solution

Efficiently model facades, roofs, and cladding with our Sandwich Panels solution for Autodesk® Revit®. Top-notch automation enhances your processes to ensure accuracy and save time during the initial design stages all the way through to documentation.

  • Design high LOD sandwich panels

  • Inserts hundreds of elements automatically

  • Automated framing modifications and updates

  • Enables optimal design decisions early on

  • Auto-generates views, schedules, and drawings

  • Includes parametric framing families

  • Drives accuracy and time savings across the project lifecycle

A solution for professionals

This is your all-round solution for designing industrial and multistory commercial buildings made of sandwich panels in Revit. Efficiently model, manage, and modify panels and frames, insert connection details, seamlessly modify and update as needed, and automatically generate documentation. Say goodbye to repetitive, time-consuming tasks. And say hello to greater value in every project going forward.

Efficiency and flexibility

Our Sandwich Panels solution increases work efficiency through algorithm-based placement of panels and connections, saving considerable time. And it’s flexible enough to fit company-specific requirements in modeling panels and inserting interface details, ensuring error-free data for prefabrication and assembly on site.

  • Frame single or multiple building structures at once

  • Add structural connections to increase the LOD of framing models

  • Modify and update frames effortlessly

  • Automate schedules and shop drawings

Better, faster light steel framing

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Holistic approach

Design energy-efficient buildings quickly and economically in a unified BIM project environment with Sandwich Panels. Our solution lets you complete your insulated panel project entirely within Revit, from early design stages at LOD 100 to detailed design at LOD 400. And it encompasses all the disciplines, providing a single solution for full design and engineering of your project from the architectural, structural, and MEP perspectives.

Enhance BIM processes and teamwork

This solution features premium Revit families tailored for Sandwich Panels, providing flexibility and precise control over parametric elements. Easily create drawings for single panels or whole wall and roof systems. Sandwich Panels simplifies collaboration with colleagues and consultants, cutting modeling, documentation expenses, and helps with eradicating errors.