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Smart Browser Free

Smart Browser Free helps you efficiently browse, search, and sort Autodesk® Revit® families in libraries on your computer. Create and manage personalized libraries for leaner, faster projects.

  • Work efficiently with all families in one place

  • Group and filter Revit families

  • Search for Revit families by family name, type, or any parameter

  • Review family parameters and types before insertion

  • Drag-and-drop elements directly into your project

  • Select specific family types to load

For higher productivity

Smart Browser Free is an add-on aimed at enhancing productivity for all Revit users. This free version of Smart Browser allows you to browse, search, and sort Revit families efficiently within libraries on your computer, giving you direct access to elements within the Revit interface. Made for individual users, the free version does not incorporate network license or server access.

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Manage Revit families

User-friendly features allow you to quickly find Revit families, evaluate their types and parameters, and view them in 2D or 3D. A simple drag-and-drop function lets you easily add elements to your project. The ability to group and filter Revit families by tag, category, or host type ensures a streamlined browsing experience.

Easy to get organized

Work efficiently with all families in one place, keeping your project lean and fast. Organize and view families in your preferred order, and load only the necessary family types, saving you valuable time and optimizing your project's performance.

Personalized libraries

Create and manage personalized libraries. With no limits on the number of elements in a given library or the number of libraries created, you can conveniently organize your Revit content.