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T4R (Tools for Revit)

Introducing T4R, the ultimate tool bundle to enhance your productivity and amplify the capabilities of Autodesk® Revit®. T4R automates repetitive tasks, transforming the way you work in Revit. Experience improved efficiency, increased precision, and faster results.

  • Time savings of 50% on managing, searching, and filtering objects

  • Reduces manual tasks up to 80%

  • Creates more consistent drawings

  • Increases quality of BIM information

  • Automates repetitive tasks

  • Includes more than 50 time saving tools

Extending the power of Revit

T4R lets you work faster and more accurately, bringing simplicity and enjoyment to your daily work. It also enables you to do tasks that native Revit can’t handle. With T4R, you can:

  • Safeguard projects, families, and templates with an invisible signature

  • Easily remove unwanted project elements in bulk

  • Stay updated with external references

  • Get a detailed selection of drawing elements

  • Seamlessly manage levels in your project

  • Generate custom floors for specific rooms

  • Import and export tables from Excel

  • Access unique schedule values quickly

Don’t leave home without it

No matter if you're an architect, structural engineer, or MEP engineer, T4R can boost your productivity in every Revit project. For example, you can effortlessly find and select specific objects based on precise criteria, such as finding all doors with a specific width and fire rating on a specific floor. Or join elements visible in sections. Want to add thick lines in all views – but only where there is air contact? No problem if you have T4R! In native Revit, cleaning the graphics in section views could take over an hour, depending on the number of elements. T4R can help you do that in less than one minute.

The ultimate tools to get the job done

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More time for actual design work

That’s what you get with T4R helping you work more efficiently and confidently. Be it project management, annotations, interaction with Autodesk® Civil 3D®, or MEP tasks, T4R has you covered. Its innovative features for time tracking, dimensioning walls, adjusting text positions, and measuring precisely are just the beginning. Choose T4R to unlock the full potential of Revit. And unleash your design creativity.

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