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Customizing Metal Framing for sustainable modular construction

Our aim to revolutionize the construction industry with innovative technology and expert guidance is exemplified by our recent collaboration with HercuTech, a leading US manufacturer of sustainable prefabricated wall panels. When Tom Dorner, a BIM Specialist from HercuTech, visited our Lithuania office for training and consultation, we customized the Be.Smart Metal Framing solution for the firm's unique needs. This partnership highlights our dedication to customer support and product development, showcasing our commitment to exceeding customer expectations through tailored workflow automation.

Understanding client needs

HercuTech is known for its HercuWall® system, a panelized wall solution that combines strength, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Made of EPS foam reinforced with patented steel HercuStrip™ technology and a weather-resistant barrier, the prefabricated wall panels are assembled on-site and filled with concrete. Not only does the innovative system meet stringent hurricane codes, but it also slashes cooling bills by up to 50%.

To achieve its vision of sustainable home design, HercuTech relies heavily on Autodesk Revit software for its designs. “Revit was chosen because it’s an industry-standard program that a lot of architects and engineers are using in the building industry,” says Tom Dorner, BIM Specialist at HercuTech.

The firm faced challenges, however, to integrate its unique building materials and sustainable design processes with Revit.

Specially designed wall panels are structurally sound and thermally efficienct.

We had originally chosen a path of custom programming an add-in, but it lacked efficiency and automation, particularly for tasks like dimensioning drawings, creating sheets, and placing views. We needed an out-of-the-box solution that could address these gaps effectively.

That's when HercuTech decided to try our Be.Smart Metal Framing solution. While this productivity toolset provided a solid foundation, it required a user-specific library and workflow to fully align with HercuTech’s prefabricated building designs. This prompted the need for live training and consultation.

The visit and collaboration

The client’s visit to Lithuania was pivotal for both parties. The face-to-face interaction, along with samples of its wall panels in-office, enabled clearer communication, immediate problem-solving, and hands-on exploration of potential solutions.

Andrius Čupkovas, one of our solution specialists, led the efforts to understand HercuTech’s needs and guided the exploration of user-specific automation rules. His expertise and dedication were crucial in navigating the complexities of adapting the Metal Framing solution to fit HercuTech’s unique prefabricated building designs. Dorner had this to share about the live collaboration:

Working together with our customer, we came up with a customized solution that met his requirements.

I’ve spent the week working with your team to use out of the box software to configure a solution that works for our wall panels. In a week, we basically solved what we couldn’t solve in two to three years of a custom programming solution.

Adaptations and solutions

Throughout Dorner’s week-long visit, our team worked diligently to adapt the Metal Framing solution to HercuTech’s unique needs. The primary focus was on enhancing the software to seamlessly accommodate HercuWall™ systems. Key adaptations were agreed upon, including:

  • Wall panel design: Aligning the software to handle the specific dimensions of HercuWall® insulated panels.

  • Automated HercuStrip™ steelwork modeling: Creating modeling automation rules that would populate insulation panels with HercuTech’s unique patented HercuStrip™ steel studs.

  • Documentation automation: Introducing automation features to streamline repetitive tasks like dimensioning drawings, creating sheets, and placing views on the sheets.

These changes will not only address HercuTech’s immediate challenges but also position it for greater efficiency and productivity in its sustainable building projects.

We wanted an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution that kept pace with industry technology and reduced the need for constant manual adjustments. The adaptations have exceeded our expectations, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality, sustainable buildings

The future of collaboration

Our successful collaboration with HercuTech marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship centered on innovation and continuous improvement. Both teams are committed to exploring further enhancements and ensuring that the solutions evolve with the changing needs of the construction industry.

“The level of support and responsiveness has been outstanding. We’re excited about the future possibilities and look forward to continued collaboration,” says Dorner.

For his part, Andrius says, “Our partnership with HercuTech is just the beginning. We are excited to continue working together to explore innovative workflows that not only meet their needs but also benefit other clients facing similar challenges.”

We enjoy meeting our customers in person!


The journey from initial contact to unique workflow exemplifies our dedication to understanding and meeting our clients' needs. HercuTech’s visit resulted in its decision to move forward with our Metal Framing solution in its innovative, sustainable construction projects.

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