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Panel Packer makes logistics easy

Optimize the logistics of your prefabricated building components with our Panel Packer solution for Autodesk® Revit®. It simplifies planning to make the best use of space in facilities, on trucks, and on site. For smooth workflows, timely deliveries, and lower costs.

  • Streamlines planning for optimal space usage

  • Supports BIM workflows

  • Automates packing and stacking of panels

  • Facilitates planning of construction timings and sequences

  • Suitable for beginners and advanced users

  • Customizable settings for stacking and loading

  • Enhances construction project management

Handle logistics in Revit

Simplify your construction project logistics with Panel Packer. This cutting-edge tool helps you plan the sorting, packing, stacking, and loading, of prefabricated building components for optimal organization and delivery.

Optimize your logistics process

Panel Packer helps manage your prefabricated components by optimizing and simplifying the planning stage. It ensures better use of time and space in warehouses, on trucks, and on the construction site.

  • Accounts for production and construction schedules, transport and storage capacity, emissions, costs, and more

  • Setup, save and reuse packing configurations for truck sizes, stacking types, and locations, making future planning even easier

  • Fully native Revit functionality enhances collaboration with team members and consultants, preventing costly logistics errors

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For better construction planning

Panel Packer is a gamechanger for construction industry professionals who want to ensure the best use of time, space, and transportation resources. Our solution gives you full control over graphics visibility and stack placement on the building site. With Panel Packer, tasks such as assigning names to individual panels and entire stacks, as well as auto-generating assembly and stack parameters, become effortless. It simplifies the process of stacking wall, floor, and roof assemblies along with individual structural framing members. And it lets you organize them into optimal bundles, based on your chosen parameters and specifications.

Less logistical stress

The ideal solution for professionals who deal with prefabricated panels, Panel Packer automatically sorts both assembled panels and individual structural framing members, ensuring a smooth workflow for you. Fully compatible with BIM standards, it integrates seamlessly with Be.Smart Wood Framing and Metal Framing solutions. With this integration, assemblies and calculations update automatically to mirror any changes in design. And Panel Packer's integration with native Revit functions and project parameters allows you to fully tap into Revit's capabilities.