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Smart Select Free

Speed up work in Autodesk® Revit® with this free tool. It lets you instantly select elements by room, space, MEP network, or other criteria – including custom parameters. No more manually searching for and selecting elements, and no more missed elements. Especially useful in large projects.

  • Streamlines Revit element selection

  • Hides elements by selected criteria

  • Boosts work efficiency and minimizes errors

  • Enhances control over projects

  • Ensures precise, mistake-free selection

  • Provides predefined, customizable filter for selection

A time saver for Revit users

Say goodbye to manual selection of Revit elements. With its ability to select elements based on room, space, MEP network, and other parameters, Smart Select helps you work more efficiently. It’s your free ticket to work faster, minimize errors, and focus on the creative part of your job.

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Boost productivity and reduce mistakes

Unlike the manual selection process, Smart Select ensures the inclusion of all elements in line with your desired criteria, eliminating the chance of any omissions. Dynamically turn visibility on/off for individual or whole sets of elements without the need to use filtering or Revit hide commands.

  • Select elements in relation to a room or space

  • Choose an entire duct or pipe network downstream

  • Select elements in any category, family, or type

  • Filter and hide elements in view by any parameter

For architects and engineers

Smart Select Free lets architects, structural engineers, and MEP engineers select various elements automatically based on user-configured parameters. It’s a fast, easy way to control visibility in your project and to make sure everything you want to select gets selected.